About Me:

Amy is an Oxford-based award-winning photographer and a molecular biologist. With over 5 years of camera experience, she is able to operate a range of equipments in various environments. Combining her love for both science and photography, she is dedicated to find innovative ways to deliver scientific knowledge to the public. She has won awards for her science and nature films from UKTV, the Biochemical Society, NESC. Her photos have been featured on the cover of various science magazines.  

Amy believes that photography is a powerful tool to 'capture the moment', hence her chosen style of 'documentary photography'. She does not require her clients to pose specifically, instead, being able to capture the one small smile that might be lost in time is her biggest reward. 

Director and editor, 2nd Price "SciComm Competition" (hosted by the Biochemistry Society), 2016
DOP, Finalist for "Evolution Video Competition" (hosted by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Centre), 2015
Director and editor, Finalist of "Eden Shorts" (hosted by UKTV), 2015
Footage featured in award-winning scientific documentary "Tales of Sand", 2014 (Click here to watch the documentary)
Received ASAB mini grant to make a short documentary about her scientific expedition to Tibet, 2014
DOP, Winner of "Dance Your PhD" (hosted by Science), 2013 (Click here to watch the video)
Director and DOP, Winner of University of Oxford Graduate Film Competition, 2012 (Click here to watch the video)
Fashion Photographer, Cherwell Magazine, 2012 (Click here for behind the scene report)

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